Privacy Policy and Terms

We use google analytics to monitor site traffic on various parameters, and google adsense to display ads. Our apps collect device hardware identifiers and their capabilities like RAM, processor architecture, etc., and IP addresses as described below.

(Copy and screen capture protection DRM software)

Privacy Policy for our Websites

We use google analytics to monitor site traffic on various parameters.

Except for the usual collection of data for google analytics, no other data is collected by us.

Google analytics also use cookies for their programs to function.

Please use our websites only if you are comfortable with the use of cookies and the collection of data as explained above.

Privacy Policy for our Apps (Windows, Android, IOS, MAC)

Our apps collect hardware unique identifiers for your computer/android phone/ios/mac devices. We also collect your processor capabilities, RAM size, and similar data that helps us provide better services to you.

Our apps also collect your usage statistics and store them on our servers for our analysis.

Our apps also collect and store the IP address of your computer/android phone/ios/mac devices.

Your login IDs may be constructed from your phone number/email.

Primary purpose of the above collection is to secure the content that our apps serve you.

By using our apps you permit us to make the above collections. Do not use our apps if you do not agree.